Funny Christmas Ornaments for Cat Lovers

Cats and Christmas trees don't really go together, by conventional wisdom anyway. But if you've got a Christmas tree solution, what better type of ornament to place on your tree than novelty cats? These are funny cat-themed ornaments that are perfect for cat lovers.

Oh Christmas Tree Funny Naughty Cat Poem Ornament

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A white cat perches on top of a simple Christmas tree. The ornament has the sentiment "Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, your ornaments are... History". The cat has a particularly satisfied look on its face.

2020 Cat in Face Mask Christmas Ornament

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This round ornament features a picture of a black cat wearing a festive holiday scarf as well as a 2020 mask across its face. It's so very perfect for this crazy year.

Derpy Cat Blown Glass Ornament

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This hilarious ornament is a cat figure sitting in a very "derpy" position, like a human with its back upright and a front paw casually draped between the back legs. It has a smile on its face, too. This blown glass ornament is especially fun for someone with a tuxedo cat or a cat who likes to sit in this derpy position.

Funny Cat Knocked Down the Tree Mug Shot Ornament

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A cat poses for a mug shot for the crime of knocking down the Christmas tree. This is a fun gift idea for someone with a typically naughty cat. The image is printed on a plastic ball ornament.

Naughty Kitty Plays with String Christmas Ornament

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This is a round ornament with a colorful holiday illustration of a Tortoiseshell kitty holding Christmas ribbons in her mouth. Underneath is the phrase "Santa... I Can Explain!" This round ornament is made of ceramic.

Cute Set of Cat Nesting Dolls

This darling set of nesting dolls combines artistic traditions of both Russia and Japan to make a fabulous gift idea for all cat lovers. Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian dolls or nesting dolls, are typically a set of hollow wooden dolls that are of various sizes and...

Kissing Black and White Cats Matching Mugs Set

This is a set of two ceramic coffee mugs that have 3D cat portraits. There is one cat per mug, and when you place them next to one another, the kitties appear to be snuggling with each other, or kissing. The set is very cute! This set of...

Girl Embracing Cat Stylized Sculpted Figure

This darling wood-look resin sculpture of a female figure tenderly holding a feline friend is a perfect gift idea for cat lovers. The stylized, hand-painted figurine makes a thoughtful gift for a new cat owner or for someone who is grieving the loss of their beloved cat...