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Funny 2021 Wall Calendars for Cat Lovers

After this exhausting and never-ending year, everyone is looking forward to 2021. Get ready to ring in the new year with a new calendar made just for cat lovers. A novelty photo wall calendar with a new image and message for each month of the year is a great way to keep track of appointments and events as well as note milestones. And these funny photo calendars add a bit of joy, too.

Cats in Masterpiece Paintings 2021 Wall Calendar

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Famous artworks have been re-imagined with feline subjects. This funny wall calendar features a different familiar work for each month, including art by Henri Matisse, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. You'll even find a cat posing as the famous Mona Lisa.

Funny Cat Shaming 16 Month 2021 Calendar

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Get a head star with the kitty fun when you purchase this wall calendar full of photos of naughty cats captioned with details of their crimes. This 16-month calendar starts with September 2020 so you can get this today and put it on your wall immediately. 

Funny Cat Selfies Photographic 2021 Wall Calendar

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This monthly calendar features close-up images of cats that look like selfies. Some even include a cat arm reaching to the viewer as if they are holding the phone!

Funny Cat Meme 2021 Wall Calendar for Cat Lovers

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This cute calendar for cat lovers features close-up images of cats featuring meme-style captions adding to the humor.

Funny Grumpy Cat 2021 Photo Wall Calendar

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Rest in peace, dear Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat. The sweet-natured, grumpy-looking feline passed on in 2019 but left behind a plethora of funny images and a legacy of memes. Bring the Grump to your wall next year with this funny meme-centric calendar.

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Funny Christmas Ornaments for Cat Lovers

Cats and Christmas trees don't really go together, by conventional wisdom anyway. But if you've got a Christmas tree solution, what better type of ornament to place on your tree than novelty cats? These are funny cat-themed ornaments that are perfect for cat lovers.

Oh Christmas Tree Funny Naughty Cat Poem Ornament

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A white cat perches on top of a simple Christmas tree. The ornament has the sentiment "Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, your ornaments are... History". The cat has a particularly satisfied look on its face.

2020 Cat in Face Mask Christmas Ornament

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This round ornament features a picture of a black cat wearing a festive holiday scarf as well as a 2020 mask across its face. It's so very perfect for this crazy year.

Derpy Cat Blown Glass Ornament

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This hilarious ornament is a cat figure sitting in a very "derpy" position, like a human with its back upright and a front paw casually draped between the back legs. It has a smile on its face, too. This blown glass ornament is especially fun for someone with a tuxedo cat or a cat who likes to sit in this derpy position.

Funny Cat Knocked Down the Tree Mug Shot Ornament

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A cat poses for a mug shot for the crime of knocking down the Christmas tree. This is a fun gift idea for someone with a typically naughty cat. The image is printed on a plastic ball ornament.

Naughty Kitty Plays with String Christmas Ornament

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This is a round ornament with a colorful holiday illustration of a Tortoiseshell kitty holding Christmas ribbons in her mouth. Underneath is the phrase "Santa... I Can Explain!" This round ornament is made of ceramic.