Funny Cat Jigsaw Puzzles for Cat Lovers

Put together these fun and challenging puzzles that feature bright, vibrant finished images meant to give cat lovers a chuckle. From whimsical illustrations to funny spoofs, find a great cat-themed puzzle gift for the cat lover in your life.

Grunge-style 9 Lives Cat Portrait Puzzle

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Get this mixed-media-style graphic puzzle that features a colorful portrait of a cat. Above the cat's face you'll find the phrase "I'd spend all 9 lives with you". This is a highly rated 1000-piece wooden puzzle.

Magical Montage Whimsical Witch Cat Puzzle

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Several cats are gathered together in this interesting puzzle image. The cats share space with mystical witchcraft imagery, like a flying witch in a crystal ball, a bubbling cauldron, and an old-fashioned broomstick. This is a 550-piece puzzle that measures 18" x 24" when completed.

Funny Cat Portraits 1000-Piece Puzzle

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This funny cat lover puzzle features 12 silly portraits of cats in various styles, wearing interesting outfits or sporting unique accessories. You'll find cats in hats, wearing glasses, and playing sports. This funny puzzle measures over 19" x 26" when completed.

Cat Lover Monopoly Game

Pick up this familiar game with an awesome theme for cat lovers. Cat Lover's Edition of Monopoly is officially licensed by Hasbro to have the look and feel of a traditional Monopoly game -- but with awesome cat-themed details. Move around the game board like a normal game of...

Cat Crimes: Funny Cat-Themed Logic Game for Kids

Cat-loving kids will enjoy this critical-thinking logic game with a fun kitty style theme. This well-reviewed STEM game Cat Crimes is aimed at kids aged 8 and older and is played as a single-player logic game that requires critical thinking and reasoning. The game includes 40...

Cute & Fun 3D Clear Cat and Kitten Puzzles

This is a fun set of two translucent puzzles in the shapes of a cat and a kitten. The puzzle pieces are made of see-through plastic which gives the finished pieces an interesting crystal look.  This 3D puzzle set has 49 clear pieces to put together the two...

Hilarious Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

This is a funny gag gift idea for your favorite cat lover, whether they are a crazy cat lady themselves or not. This collectible pack comes with the lady figure and no less than six cat figures.  The set is perfect to keep in the funny display box, with...